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Wireless Speaker Adapter – [Update]

If you’ve got wired speakers clogging up your space, you might be thinking about throwing them out – but we’d ask you to hold up on that idea because we have a solution – a wireless speaker adapter.

There are plenty of wireless speaker adapter for all kinds of budgets, including.

This guide will show you how to convert your wired speakers and make them wireless, giving your old tech some love once again!

Stop – Don’t Throw The Speakers Out!

In today’s economy, unnecessarily throwing out your old speakers or buying new speakers isn’t the best thing you can do. In fact, it’s downright counterproductive.

There is a way you can adapt your wired system and make the speakers wireless. You will need to start with having a wireless speaker conversion kit though.

Of course, adapting your wired speakers and making them wireless has huge advantages – no more so than giving you extra mobility and further possibilities.

The general capabilities of speakers has risen massively with the introduction of Bluetooth. Anybody that is familiar with Bluetooth technology will tell you that the use of Bluetooth has made their entertainment lives easier and much more streamlined.

Luckily, people who have wireless speaker kits will have the ability to make their original wired speakers useful once more and be able to extend the lives of their previously loved tech!

The thing is though, most speakers lack the ability to directly convert from wired into wireless gadgets, so you may find it necessary to connect your speaker with an amplifier, and you do this with an RCA cable. 

So, arguably – you could say this method is not completely free of wires, but it’s the closest you can get. 

In order for you to do this though, you’ll need to understand how to use a wireless speaker conversion kit – so let’s help you out with that first! Here’s what you need to do.

The First Step: Source A Wireless Speaker Kit For Wireless Audio

It might seem pretty obvious, but before you can use a wireless speaker conversion kit, you will need to actually buy one!

If you look online, you’ll notice a massive range of them available from a lot of online retailers. Generally, this kit is a type of Bluetooth adapter. When you’re looking around, you’ll also notice that the prices are completely different, varying wildly from seller to seller.

Most of these kits will be the same and will work the same, but you will get what you pay for. If you want a good rule of thumb, try to find the mean price and go for a seller offering that. Remember, the performance might be better with pricier kits.

It’s important that we point the following thing out though, as some people will get confused. Wireless speaker kits will have wires. 

The reason for this is that wired speakers lack an amplifier and Bluetooth would fail to transmit through. The answer to this is to add an amplifier to your wired speaker, and then you can move on from there. 

The Next Step: Adding An Amplifier For Sound Quality 

As we said, the older models of speaker will lack an amplifier, and it is recommended that you install one to get the best performance. 

Once you’ve sourced a good amplifier, do the following steps: 

  1. Plug in the amplifier to your chosen power source 
  2. Use your RCA cable to connect the speaker and your amplifier 

It’s probably best to note here that the wireless kits will only connect to two of your wired speakers (the left and the right speaker). Both of these must be connected for it to function correctly. 

The Next Step: Transmitter Connection 

Inside your wireless speaker conversion kit, you’ll notice a set of wires. You’ll need to link these up to the amplifier that you’ve installed. 

Now, look at the physical speakers and check the back. There should be a digital-audio output which may have writing on it that says “out” or “stereo out”. Once you’ve found this, connect your included cable.

The other end of the cable needs to be connected to the transmitter. Now, you’ll need to put the AC adapter into your chosen source of power, whilst the other side needs to be connected into the transmitter.

Any wires that are left over from the speakers you can remove, starting the wired-wireless process!

The Next Step: The Receiver Connection

Inside your conversion kit, you’ll see receiver cables. Select one of these and connect the speaker to the receiver. Any other wires can be removed.

Now, link up the AC cables with the receiver and selected source of power. If this is successful, you should notice a flashing light indicating so.

Do this process for both speakers and then connect the receivers together.

The Final Step

If all has gone well, your flashing light should now be stable which indicates to you that the transmission of signals is being successfully communicated.

The only way to do this is to test your speakers out. We’d recommend doing a test by playing your favorite song and testing out the volume. If you notice any problems with the sound quality, it’s best to check your connections and the overall quality of the device you’re playing the song from. 

When it’s all good, just sit back and enjoy your conversion!

That Seems Complicated! Can You Simplify That?!

We can slightly simplify the steps into sections, but they will be less detailed, and you may need to refer to our previous steps for more guidance. However, here is an overview of the process:

  • Buy a wireless speaker conversion kit
  • Connect your amplifier 
  • Connect the transmitter 
  • Connect the receivers 
  • Switch on the system
  • Test the system
  • Enjoy your music 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is The Point In This?

Primarily, this method is an inexpensive way to get your old speakers back into use. Some wired speakers were expensive when they were originally purchased, or possibly have sentimental value – so getting these speakers a new lease of life is always a good idea.

Removing the need for cable connectors or other wires is a way to get a nice upgrade without having to physically and financially have to deal with getting new technology.

Because of wireless technology too, you’ll be able to use your other gadgets to play music – which allows for the streaming of Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music or Amazon Music. 

What does this do for you? It gives you extra range and choices for music than you used to have! Moreover, without having to use an auxiliary-input jack, you can still use your devices without having to be too close to the speaker. 

Finally, at a very basic level – who really wants cables? They’re flimsy, cause breaks in music quality sometimes and just look untidy. 

Wireless technology has allowed us to enjoy much more mobility and freedom than we ever did before, so why stay in the age of the wire when we can move on, adapt and improve?

How Easy Is This Really?

This might sound complicated, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. For some technophobes, the steps and tech-talk here may be daunting – however there is some good news for that.

Most of these kits have details and illustrated instructions which demonstrate to its users what all of these tech-terms mean and what each cable does, what the letters denote and where each component needs to go.

If you are somewhat tech-savvy but unsure of how to do this and these steps seem a little complicated, there are videos online which take you through the steps we’ve outlined too. 

So, when answering how easy the process is – the answer really depends on you, but remember – the more you try it, the easier it becomes!

Will This Process Improve The Sound?

That’s a difficult question as it will depend largely on your device and your wireless conversion kit and to a lesser extent, your location. 

We would argue that the sound does not necessarily improve, but it does not mean it will drop dramatically either. This method is mainly for ease and functionality rather than sound improvement.

Either way you see it though, it’s certainly worth the work to get them working once again. 

People Also Ask

Can I Convert Speakers To Bluetooth?

Yes but you will need a Bluetooth receiver that converts Bluetooth signals to audio line signals. You can find these from many online stores, and the prices will depend on the seller and quality of the device.

Can I Connect My Phone To My Old Speakers?

Yes but you’ll have to use an audio jack connection unless you have converted the speakers to Bluetooth.

Some devices no longer have a standard aux cable connection, so it’s always best to check your device’s capabilities and connections before you begin, as you may have to convert your speakers to Bluetooth first.


Converting your old wired speakers and making them into wireless speakers isn’t as difficult as you think and there are so many positives and benefits to following these steps. 

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Good luck with your speaker conversion!

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