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Why Do Audiophiles Hate Bose? Why We Disagree

Personally, I don’t understand why uptight audiophiles hate Bose.

Bose has been a cornerstone in the HiFi industry for over 50 years and is one of the most recognizable brands in the audio world.

But, as is the case with most of the popular names in any industry, many hobbyists claim that the worldwide recognition of the Bose brand is undeserved.

Why Do Audiophiles Hate Bose 5 Reasons Why

So, what’s the reasoning behind this view? Are Bose products as subpar as certain audiophiles seem to think they are?

I think not, audiophiles are a hard-to-please bunch who love to get together online and talk trash about all kinds of stuff.

Let’s be honest if audiophile enthusiasts were not gossiping about a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality and stylish products such as Bose, then they would be bad-mouthing people for listening to digital music and not collecting original records, pressed on virgin vinyl.

The following article will look at why some hobbyists audiophiles look down on Bose and analyze the quality of the products to determine whether the dissent is justified.

Reasons Why Audiophiles Hate Bose

Let’s get straight into it! Below we have a few of the reasons why audiophiles dislike Bose.

We will take a closer look at each reason now to help you better understand and decide if the dislike of Bose is deserved or not!

The Sound Quality

The main reason a lot of audio hobbyists tend to look down on Bose products is that they believe that any quality the products might boast has been manufactured artificially.

This means that, essentially, Bose goes out of its way to ensure that all music played through its products sounds as good as it possibly could sound, even if this comes at the cost of hearing how the music was originally intended to sound.

If this is true, personally, I think that is a great feature and show that Bose is ahead of the game in audio technology.

Bose has gone out of there way to make sure its customers get the best audio experience it can provide in all types of environments from outdoor soundbars and home entertainment systems.

It is said that Bose has conducted research within the area of psychoacoustics (which is the study of how our brains perceive sound, such as music), and with this in mind, they optimize their technology so that music sounds life-like and as natural as possible.

It’s a means of appealing to the masses, rather than appealing to people (audiophiles, namely) who think they can tell the difference between music that’s high quality, and music that’s not.

Now let’s set this straight, I enjoy listening to music but I don’t have a trained ear, so I would not be able to tell if the sound produced was emulating a true sound or not.

When I look to buy audio equipment for my home I am interested if the product is going to last, if the brand is reputable, and if it looks great.

Bose ticks all of these boxes, this is why I still feel that Bose is one of the best audio equipment brands on the market.

They may not appeal to serious audiophiles, but for people like myself who enjoy listening to music, djing, and watching films with surround sound then Bose offer a full range of quality products for all situations.

The Price

Another reason audiophiles look down on the Bose brand is that they think the prices tend to be significantly high.

This is another audiophile generalization, Bose has a range of products that range from low to higher price tags, depending on what you want.

While more high-end audio products have steep prices because the technology warrants such prices, the reason Bose can get away with such high prices is that they are a well-known brand with a great reputation.

There’s a reason Bose would be one of the first audio brands to pop into someone’s head when you said the word ‘speakers’ or ‘headphones’, and it’s not by mistake.

It’s something worth noting across every industry, really- just because something is unlike by a small group of people doesn’t mean the quality of the product is inferior.

In a lot of cases, it simply means the company has spent a lot of money on marketing, and on making its products appeal to the masses.

Bose catches flak from audiophiles in the same way that Beats does. Beats are one of the most popular headphones brands on the market.

When it comes to products like Beats and Bose, you’re paying for quality and the brand.

The advertising of Bose, in particular, has been so well-orchestrated that if you asked the average consumer what they thought of the quality of Bose products, they’d probably label them as one of the best names in the game.

It’s worth noting, though, that it’s perfectly fine for someone to consider a Bose speaker a high-quality product.

What rubs audiophiles the wrong way is the prices that consumers are willing to pay just for the Bose brand.

The Public’s Perception Of Bose

Successful marketing and advertising effort can largely influence the general consensus on certain brands- and this is in no way specific to the audio industry.

When you think of the most high-end brands in any industry, you may have never even purchased that brand before, and yet they sprang to mind regardless.

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