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U-Turn Orbit Plus Review – (Including A High-End Cartridge)

U-Turn is a distinctive name in the turntable manufacturing market.

The firm is American and based in Massachusetts, so buying from them means you are supporting the production of locally sourced items.

Every turntable is handcrafted, and each one is signed by the person who worked on it throughout its development. 

Despite this personal touch, the brand remains moderately priced and has a sense of simplicity about it.

U-Turn Orbit Plus Review – (Including A High-End Cartridge)

U-Turn makes products that have attractive and modern designs, but currently only produce 3 models of the turntable. These are the U-Turn Orbit, the Orbit Plus, and the Orbit special. 

From vinyl novices to vinyl specialists, these three models should be able to meet the needs of a diverse variety of consumers.

The U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus is the model that we will be reviewing for you today.

We will cover everything you need to know about this product from its sound quality to its construction and everything in between. 


  • Type  – belt-driven turntable
  • Preamp – yes
  • System – manual
  • Speed – 33,45 RPM
  • Cartridge – Ortofon OM5e


This turntable is equipped with a built-in preamp. You can turn the record player on and off using a switch located on the back of the device. You can use this feature to connect an external preamplifier to your system if you want. 

A feature that vinyl enthusiasts will love is that it allows you to upgrade your preamp, which may significantly improve performance.


The platter is one aspect that has seen a significant improvement from the previous U-Turn Orbit. It has a platter of acrylic at the bottom of the turntable.

Acrylic is much better at sound-isolating than other materials due to its low resonance.

This means that it has the ability to improve both the consistency of speed and the detail of feedback provided, resulting in a better overall sound. 


With a belt-driven system, the motor is not located beneath the platter but is instead next to it. A belt connects the motor to the platter, which rotates at a constant speed.

Many vinyl lovers prefer this mechanism because it separates the sound and vibrations of the motors from the record.

It also has speed regulation benefits, and the turntable itself has the capability of playing records at speeds ranging from 33 to 45 rpm.

To change between speeds, all you do is slide the belt from the wheel motor up or down.


The cartridge in the Orbit Plus is the Ortofon OM5e. As its stylus is made of diamond, you won’t have to worry about having to replace it for a long time even if you use it regularly.

This brand is very popular and known for its high-quality products, so you know that it will give you clear precise sounds every time. It is far better than the stylus that is used in the previous U-Turn models. 


The turntable is equipped with a 0A2 tonearm, which is incredibly accurate and is known for having little to no disturbance rates.

Also, the counterbalance and anti-skate characteristics prevent the possibility of your vinyl getting worn down as a result of its weight or its movements. 

Manual System 

The Audio Orbit Plus requires you to manually move the tonearm from one position to another.

Some vinyl lovers prefer a semi-automatic or fully automated turntable over a manual system because it allows them to not pay attention when the record ends.

An automated system would allow you to not have to move when the record ends, making things more convenient. For this turntable though, you will have to get used to the manual system.


How this turntable sounds is probably the most important you should be asking. Well thanks to the excellent cartridge, the Orbit Plus sounds amazing.

The sound quality far outshines its closest competitors from bigger brands like Sony and Audio Technica. 

The sound feels warm and full while being crystal clear and full of detail, making it an excellent music player for any event or mood. All of this is pretty amazing considering it’s low to middle price range. 


Generally speaking, when it comes to choosing a turntable, audiophiles consider the design to be the least important factor to take into consideration.

Unlike most other turntables, however, the Orbit Plus stands out for its diversity of colors and its appealing design, which is considered to be among the best in the market today. 

U-turn is very good at designing products that fit into any home interior, with them being a key piece in the room that’s to its eccentric style.

Build Quality

This product sees a major improvement in the materials used when comparing it to the more basic U-Turn Orbit. 

The high-quality cartridge, the Ortofan OM5e, has been included and is a standout feature on this device.

It is a highly neutral cartridge that is suited for virtually all musical genres. It offers a great deal of detail as well as a lot of bass that is enjoyable to all music lovers.

A good cartridge is a vital piece of equipment to have on any turntable. 

Three legs hold the casing, which is made of a single piece of material. The balance of three rubber legs is more stable than the balance of four rubber legs. 

The legs also help in isolating the base from noise which in turn makes the music quality much better. 

All of the electronic components, including switches and a motor, are housed beneath the casing rather than in it as usual.

In addition, because the components are located on the exterior rather than within the shell, they are easy to replace if the need arises.

Dust Cover

A dust cover is included in the package, which will help in the life of the turntable’s bearings by keeping dust away. 

However, before you begin to play, double-check that the cover is completely vertically supported, as there are sometimes issues with the highest that means that the dust cover can slide off.

Is It Easy To Set Up?

Because it does not have a huge number of components, assembling the turntable is straightforward. This is usually a sign that you have a high-quality turntable on your hands.  

Every turntable manufactured by U-Turn is a one-of-a-kind creation since each one is meticulously built by hand in the Massachusetts and Boston areas.

The Orbit Pro is especially convenient for vinyl newcomers because the tonearm has already been fixed to the plinth, which is not often the case with other turntables.

There are only two items that have to be installed when you get them. The first is the platter and mat that will be placed on top of the casing

The second is the belt, which you put around the motor wheel and motor. Once these simple steps are done, you can start playing your music. 

Pros And Cons


  • Built-in preamp – this is an excellent feature that significantly boosts performance
  • High-quality materials and construction – there are so many excellent features in this such as the acrylic platter and the diamond stylus. All of this gives an excellent sound range 
  • Relatively low cost – considering everything that makes up this turntable, this is a very low-cost product
  • Excellent cartridge – the Ortofon OM53 is one of the best cartridges out there. It provides you with a much more detailed sound than you would usually get, while also giving good bassy tones
  • They are unique – being constructed by one person who then signed their work, this USA based company makes unique and well-made products every time


  • Manual tonearm – this feature may be a bit difficult for beginners to get the hang of. People who are used to using automatic tonearms may also find this feature a bit annoying as they have to pay attention to when the music stops more
  • Dust cover issues – the hinge on the dust cover is the only feature that does not function well. When using the dust cover, always make sure that you are using it vertically to overcome this issue

Is The U-Turn Orbit Plus A Good Purchase? 

The U-turn Orbit Plus is a high-quality turntable that is capable of playing any form of musical genre brilliantly.

You can be assured that you will have a turntable that will last you many years, if not forever, thanks to its high-quality components such as the acrylic platter and diamond needle. 

With the Ortofon OM5e cartridge, you can get even more out of your recordings than you could with the original model.

When it comes to sound quality, it is clear and detailed, making it a good pick for both novices who are learning about their preferences and vinyl enthusiasts who are searching for high-quality sound at a reasonable price. 

Finally, as every one of them is made in the USA and is signed by their maker, you know that you are getting a handcrafted, well-built, and unique product every time.

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