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How To Play Your Own Music On Sonos?

Sonos speakers are becoming increasingly popular and for very good reason. They are excellent in quality and they are the best for listening to music.

These speakers are also super easy to connect to different music streaming services so that you can listen to all of your favorite tracks!

How To Play Your Own Music On Sonos

But…what if the streaming music apps don’t have the songs you want to hear?

Maybe you have your own playlists, or even music created by you that you would rather listen to it. How can you connect this music to your Sonos speakers?

The truth is that it is quite easy to do so and there are several different ways you can go about it too, so you can find the method most suited to you.

And, in order to help you out with this, we have compiled a list of the top best methods to use, in order to play your own music on Sonos.

Does that sound good? Then let’s get right into it!

Here are the top methods, all of them are pretty easy, so just pick the one that fits your needs and preferences the best:

Upload Your Music To Streaming Services

There are a few music streaming services that will allow you to upload your own music so that you can play it on devices while offline.

It can be a good way to create your own playlists, within the streaming service, so that you have a section of your own music to play through the speakers.

Of course, it has to be a streaming service that is both supported by the Sonos speakers and that allows you to upload your own music.

Here are a few that meet these criteria:

  • Apple music
  • YouTube music
  • Deezer

(Do keep in mind that for some of these music streaming services you might have to purchase some sort of premium subscription, in order to be able to use them with Sonos, or with your own music!)

Once you have chosen the right streaming service and you have uploaded your own music to it, all you have to do is connect it to the speakers, by adding said streaming service to your Sonos.

If you don’t know how to do this, here are the steps you need to follow:

If you have an iOS or Android device:

  1. Open the Sonos app from the device you want to use
  2. Open the Settings and click on “services and voice”
  3. Scroll down to “music content” and press to add a service
  4. Select the music service you want to use (aka, the music streaming service to which you have uploaded your own music)
  5. Add it to Sonos and wait for it to connect

If you have a Mac or PC:

  1. Open the Sonos app from the device you want to use (there are desktop versions of the app available for both Mac and PC)
  2. In settings, go to the “select a music source”
  3. Click on “add music services”
  4. Choose the music streaming service you want to use with Sonos and sign in through the Sonos app. Then wait for them to link up

And that’s it!

Doing this will allow you to access the streaming service in question through the Sonos speakers, and in turn, you will be able to play the music you uploaded onto the service, so you can play it through Sonos.

The best thing is that once the service is connected to the speakers, it is super easy to start up and you can even access different user accounts at any given time!

Use Airplay 2

If your Sonos speaker supports Airplay 2 (which it should, considering that most Sonos speakers do), then you can use that as a way of playing your own music, so long as you are an iOS user.

This is probably the easiest way to do it and the most efficient. So if your Sonos can use Airplay, definitely use this method!

Airplay will essentially allow you to play all of the music stored within any of your iOS devices, through the Sonos speaker system, so this means that you can also play any of your own music that you have stored in the devices.

In fact, it means that you can not only play music but also audiobooks, podcasts, audio messages, and more! Any sound on your device can now come through the Sonos.

(If you want to know exactly which Sonos speakers are compatible with Airplay 2, they are the following: Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Move, Beam, Amp, Arc, Sonos Playbase, Five, Play:5 gen 2, and SYMFONISK.)

If you are going to use Airplay on your Sonos, remember that you will first have to enable Airplay on the iOS device that you are wanting to pair up.

In order to do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the control center within the iOS device settings and enable Airplay
  2. Add Sonos to the list of devices to which Airplay can sync up to
  3. Play the audio!

This being said, you will first have to check whether your iOS has the right operating system in order to work with Airplay.

It will need to be iOS 11 or higher, in order to be compatible! (And in the case of an iPad, it will need to be iPadOS13 or higher).

Use A Mac, Pc, Or NAS Drive

Use A Mac, Pc, Or NAS Drive

A very easy method to use is to simply connect a Mac, PC, or NAS drive (network-attached storage device) to your Sonos, in order to play your own music through it.

This is super simple since you can connect your device to the Sonos speaker with ease.

In order to do this, all you have to do is to share the music through the Sonos app for Mac and PC that you can install onto your computer.

Once the app has been installed, you just open it up, search for your stored music within the device and play it! It will automatically connect to the linked Sonos speaker.

That being said, it is necessary for the Mac, PC, or NAS drive to remain turned on and operative in order for the music to play through the Sonos, as the speaker will be unable to access the stored music if the device is turned off.

This can seem a little limiting but it is perfect for when you want to play music through the Sonos while using your computer.

(Make sure that your computer is operative. A PC should have an OS of Windows 7 or higher. A Mac should have an OS oc macOS 10.11 or higher.)

Use An Android Device

The last method on our list that you can use, is by simply using an Android device that is linked to the Sonos speaker through the Sonos app.

This one is super easy and it allows you to play any music that you have stored on said Android device, directly through the Sonos speaker.

In fact, you will be able to choose the music you play straight from the Sonos!

In order for this to work, first, check the Sonos speaker you are using is able to support your specific Android device. (The Android device should have an OS of 7.0 or higher. Update it if necessary).

You should also make sure that the Sonos app is completely up to date so that it has all of the latest capabilities. (You can check for updates in the Play Store App).

Lastly, check that the audio files you want to play are supported by the Sonos speaker. (They should be MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, HE-AAC, OGG, FLAC, or WAV).

Keep in mind that in order for the music to play, it needs to be stored within the music folder of your Android device, as this is where the Sonos app will extract audios from.

Then, to play the music you simply download the Sonos app onto the Android device, tap on the device to sync it up to the speaker, and play the music of your choosing!

(if you get an error message it might be because your device is offline, it needs to be connected to the same network as the Sonos in order to play properly!)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several methods that you can use in order to play your own music on your Sonos speaker.

You can either upload the music to a streaming service that is supported by Sonos, you can use Airplay, you can connect your computer, or you can use an Android device by downloading the Sonos app.

Make sure to check all of the system and network compatibility beforehand, and that the music in question is easy to find on the device. Therefore, it can be quickly linked up to the speaker to be played.

Other than that, just press play and enjoy!

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