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Edifier R1280DB Vs R1700BT: Well, Depends!

What would you choose between the Edifier R1280DB or the R1700BT?

Both speakers are designed to deliver high-quality sound at low volumes. The R1280DB has a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz (+/- 3dB) and the R1700BT has a frequency response of 15Hz – 30kHz (+/-3dB). Both models feature a built-in subwoofer and a passive radiator design.

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What Are The Edifiers R1280DB And R1700BT?

The Edifier R1700BT bookshelf speaker is a very good choice for those who want a simple yet effective bookshelf speaker. It features an advanced driver design that produces great mid-range and treble responses. 

You’ll get great sound quality, especially when listening to music. The R1700BT is a high-quality product that delivers excellent sound quality. The R1280DB is also a high-quality product, but it doesn’t deliver as much bass as the R1700BT.

The standard for today’s speakers, under the bookshelf type, has advanced with the technologies in audio inputs. The Edifier has risen to fame, if you can put it like that, and is the most advanced type of speaker available under a brand name.

They are exceptionally known for their sound quality, but it’s difficult to determine which is the best to buy for your home or professional use.

Design And Build

The state-of-the-art R1280DB Bookshelf Speaker is crafted in a classic and professional style with 2 colors available to you, these colors are Black & Maple Wood Grain.

This speaker actually has a specific casing that has been made from the highest quality wood known as MDF, which enhances a sleek and modern-looking appearance overall. 

Despite the type of material used, this speaker maintains a solid build and is a full proof of sturdiness.

The speaker weighs on average 13.2 lbs and the product dimension is roughly 6″ x 8″ x 10.3″. 

Both these speakers are bookshelf speakers that look great in any room. It comes in a nice wooden box. It is big and heavy, but still easy to move around. Furthermore, it is designed to be placed on top of bookshelves or tables.


A bookshelf speaker is designed to be placed on bookshelves or in other places where there is limited space. It is made from MDF wood, which gives it a sleek and modern appearance, and we all prefer when the style and appearance of a speaker have been considered thoroughly. 

Two speakers are housed inside this unit, and they are both powered by a single amplifier. The woofers are located at the bottom center, and the tweeters are located above them. There is an IR receiver on the right side of the tweeter, and the bass relief port is beneath it.

The Edifier R1280DB comes equipped with more than one driver and a brilliant bass port system, this can be easily viewed behind the grille that is removable. 

Both of these new speaker systems are designed for your living room. You can now enjoy music without having to listen to loud noises or disturbing neighbors. Your speakers will be able to play louder than ever before. 

With Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. The speakers’ unique design allows you to place them anywhere in your house. These speakers sound great. They can be used as a stereo pair or mono system.

Their low frequencies are strong enough to fill up a room. They are very easy to use and set up.

The Bookshelf R1700BT also is the type of speaker to have two drivers, it also has an IR sensor and an amazing bass relief. It features a digital signal processing range with dynamics that helps to prevent distortion from the input. 


These two bookshelves come with Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily stream music from your smartphone or tablet. They also include auxiliary inputs for connecting with other wired devices. 

These speakers both feature a remote control, an RCA-RCA connection, a fiber optic connection, and a standard RCA connection. Making them fantastic for home use as well as professional use, depending on which you’d prefer to go with.

The R1700BT speaker easily connects well with your different devices, specifically because of its Bluetooth connectivity, and actually, it has a built-In Digital Signal Processing range and Dynamic range control, which enables the speaker to be able to deliver a much better sound quality without any distortion whatsoever. 

It also features a 2 Aux input, this enables the connection with a 3.3 mm output or dual standard of output. This speaker comes with an 8-foot long 4 pin DIN speaker connection tables, a 6 feet standard RCA cable, and 6 feet RCS-RCA Cable.

Sound Quality

The R1700BT speaker has a lot of power! It sounds great even though it’s very small. It’s easy to connect to your phone or other devices. Furthermore, it has digital signal processing and dynamic range control. It can play music smoothly without any distortion.

It can reach an output level of 85 decibels, which is enough to fill a large room. 

However, it lacks a sub-bass kick. The R1700BT has very similar characteristics to the R1280BD. It offers excellent midrange and treble tones. However, there is no distortion due to the DSP and DRC, but the bass kick is missing.

They are actually similar in richness and tonality, so you know that whichever you choose, they are both going to be fantastic speakers at the end of the day. You’ll get a fully balanced speaker with the full effect of sound details throughout no matter what.


1. The R1280DB is a 2.5 inch full-range speaker with a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB), whereas the R1700BT is a 2.0-inch full-range speaker with a frequency response of 15 Hz – 30 kHz (+/- 3 dB).

2. The R1280BD has a maximum power output of 100 watts (RMS) and the R1750BT has a maximum power output rating of 150 watts (RMS).

3. The R1280B has a recommended input voltage of 110V AC / 60Hz, whereas the R1700B has a recommended input of 120VAC/60Hz.

4. The R1280D has a maximum volume level of 90 decibels (dB), whereas the R1750BT can reach a maximum volume level of 105 dB.

5. The R1280 has an impedance of 8 ohms, whereas the R1750 has an impedance of 4 ohms.

6. The R1280 comes in black, red, white, silver and gold colors, while the R1750 comes in black and white only.

7. The R1280 weighs about 1.8 pounds, whereas the R1730 weighs about 2.9 pounds.

Which Model Should I Buy?

We have reviewed both and they’re very similar. They are both great speakers, but if you want something that’s more portable, then go with the R1280DB. It’s lighter than the R1700BT, and it also doesn’t need any kind of amplifier to work. 

You can just plug them into your computer and listen to music. If you like bass then get the R1700BT because it will give you better bass compared to the R1280DB which isn’t as good.

If you want something that’s easier to carry around, then get the R1280DB because it’s smaller and lighter.

Final Thoughts

Both bookshelf speakers offer exceptional sound performance for professional and everyday use, but there is a significant difference between the two. The R1280DB offers more versatility due to its smaller size and lighter weight. 

The R1700BT features superior sound quality with its larger size and heavier weight. The R1750BT is the best speaker overall because it delivers bass performance that is comparable to the R1280DB.

We hope that this article has enabled you to gather enough information about both of these speakers, and aided you in the final decision! They are both fantastic speakers, so either way, you’ll be getting a speaker worth your money at the end of the day.

Having a quality speaker is important, and we understand why this information is crucial to selecting the right speaker for your home purposes. 

They are actually similar in price range too, so whichever you choose, will be the most ideal speaker for you regardless. This is fantastic to know when you’re struggling to choose a type of speaker for your home. 

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