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Dual 1019 Turntable Review

Dual 1019 Turntable Review

Collecting classic records is a popular hobby amongst music enthusiasts, but finding the right turntable to play them on is quite tricky. Before we review the Dual 1019, let’s discuss what to look for in a turntable.

What To Look For 

Research is key when buying your very first record player. You should know what kind of components you need, how much you’re willing to spend, and whether you want something used or brand new. Ask friends for help if you are unsure about anything. Look for advice online and check out your local record store.

A good turntable should be made of metal and have a high-quality tonearm and cartridge. Entry-level models usually come with an integrated preamplifier.

There are three different types of records players, and the process can vary depending on what type you select. A manual system requires you to lift the arm and put it on your record by hand. An automatic system does this automatically. 

Semi-automatic machines require you to place the needle manually, but then it lifts off automatically. Most turntables are manual.

Vinyl records play at different speeds. 7″ records play at 45 rpm. 12″ records play at 33 rpm. Most albums contain songs recorded on both sides of the disc.78 RPM discs are rare because they were made obsolete by digital formats. You’ll need to replace your styluses if you want to play these old records.

Budget turntables usually have three speeds. However, the more expensive models may include high-end options such as vinyl playback at 78 rpm (rare), variable pitch control (fancy), digital output, etc. You should check out the features before purchasing a turntable

A turntable should be placed on a solid surface away from any potential sources of noise. Vibration may cause the needle to jump or skip. An isolation system or a specially made turntable shelf can help reduce this problem. 

Buying second-hand is a way to find great bargains, and once you’ve established which turntable to buy, there are lots of places to find cheaper ones. 

Dual 1019 Turntable Review

The Dual 1019 is an older style turntable and was introduced by United Audio in 1965. It was designed for 78 rpm records. It came out before the era of high compliance cartridges and light tonearms.

It is a tank because it doesn’t include the cue and anti-skating features, and it isn’t designed to be used with modern cartridges.

Dual 1019s were a popular record player during the 1970s and 1980s. They used two cartridges instead of one and had an idler drive system, this made them more durable than other turntables of the time. Be careful not to run the turntable while the idlers are stuck. You could damage parts.

A Dual 1019 will appeal to people looking for a simple, inexpensive starter turntable. It doesn’t have much power, but it does have enough torque to spin up the platters quickly. It also has a decent sound quality. The grease has hardened inside the cartridge, making it difficult to move.

Cleaning out the gunk and lubricating it will fix the problem.

The Dual 1018’s headshell is a tough customer and pretty much impossible to break. However, make sure your turntable comes with one or else you’ll need to make yourself a new one, which would be very challenging indeed. 

Turntables are usually made out of metal, but the Dual 1019 is made out of plastic. They are designed to be lightweight and durable. These turntables are easy to use and maintain. They are great for people who want to get into vinyl collecting. 

This particular model comes with a smoke-coloured dust cover and is available in the U.S. as well as overseas. You could buy a new Dual 1019 for about $300 or less, making it appealing to those on a budget. 

Sound And Durability 

The Dual 1019 cartridge replacement kit is a bit stressful because you need to do some work to get your Dual 1019 back up and running again. But once you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll hear a much better sound than what you had before. 

When 1019 breaks down (and it likely will) you’ll be pleased to know it can be fixed easily by replacing parts or using modern techniques. Repairing this equipment is very easy. Dual 1019 Turntables are great for smaller vintage tube amplifiers, and they offer character, history and value for money. 

Our Verdict 

If you’re looking for something that’s going to last, then the Dual 1019 is probably the best choice out there. This is a great piece of equipment and we love that it’s so easy to transport and at a great price. 

On the downside, it needs maintenance to keep it working at an optimal level but we think it’s worth it and makes a great addition to a music lover’s kit.

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