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Can You Add Speakers To A Soundbar?

Do you want to enjoy a cinema-worthy sound from the comfort of your very own home? In recent years.

Professional-quality sound has become one of the most popular ways to elevate TV, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a soundbar to your TV in place of its built-in speaker.

Can You Add Speakers To A Soundbar

The best soundbars have more than just good looks and great sound quality; they also feature smart features like voice control, multiroom streaming, and even 4K HDR support. 

Thanks to this, it means that the addition of one will be able to elevate your overall listening experience while catching up on your favorite show, watching a movie or even playing video games.

But, is it possible to amplify your sound even more by adding speakers to your soundbar? This is a question that more and more people are wondering. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss whether, or not, it’s possible to add speakers to your slim-line soundbar. Whenever you’re ready, let’s jump right in. 

What Is A Soundbar?

First things first, what exactly is a soundbar? A soundbar is essentially an audio system that sits on top of your television set. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into your existing AV setup. 

A soundbar usually has at least two speakers (sometimes three) that are built into the design and essentially designed to deliver sound from either side of your screen.

The built-in speakers are typically placed high up on the sides of the bar so that they don’t interfere with viewing angles.

Soundbars come in all shapes and sizes, but most are slim and rectangular in design so that they can be placed subtly underneath your TV.

They will often have a remote control attached to them for easy access when needed. Some models may even include a USB port for charging devices while connected to your TV. 

Sure, while soundbars aren’t always necessary, they can make a big difference to the overall experience of watching movies and videos on your TV.

If you use a soundbar when watching a movie, it really can totally transform your experience, and almost make it feel as if you are watching the movie in the cinema.

That is why so many people choose to add soundbars to their home televisions. 

How Does A Soundbar Work?

When you watch a movie or play video games, the sounds that come out of your TV are sent via cables to your receiver. This receiver then sends these signals to your amplifier which amplifies the volume.

The sound that is then created and released from your TV comes directly from its built-in speakers, which every TV comes with.

With a soundbar, however, the soundbar itself acts as the amplifier. So, instead of sending the signal to the amplifier via wires, the soundbar uses wireless technology to send the signal directly to your TV, instead.

This means that there are no wires running between your TV and soundbar, meaning that you won’t need any additional equipment to connect the two together.

Is It Possible To Add Speakers To A Sound Bar?

If you want to elevate your listening experience as much as possible, then one of the best ways that you can do this is by opting to connect additional speakers to your soundbar.

Essentially, a soundbar is a speaker system designed to fit into a TV or other audio device. For this reason, they usually come with built-in subwoofers and amplifiers.

To follow, soundbars are great because they allow you to enjoy high-quality audio without having to invest in expensive home theater equipment.

If you want to upgrade your current setup, adding a soundbar to your living room might be a good idea. 

Still, if you’re looking for something more versatile and amplified, you may want to consider adding external speakers alongside your soundbar. You can use any of the following types:

  1. Wireless Speakers
  2. Bluetooth Speakers
  3. Wired Speakers
  4. Powered Speakers
  5. USB Speakers
  6. AirPlay Speakers
  7. Home Theater Speakers

How To Connect Speakers To A Soundbar

If you want to connect speakers to a slim-line soundbar, you’ll need to do some research before buying anything.

There are many different brands and styles available, so you’ll need to decide what type of speaker you’d like to buy before you start shopping.

Wireless speakers are probably the easiest option. These speakers can be plugged straight into the soundbar’s input socket, allowing you to switch between speakers easily.

Bluetooth speakers are also popular, especially among those who travel frequently.

These speakers don’t require an extra cable connection, making them ideal for people who spend time away from their TVs. They also tend to be easier to connect too, as they do not require any cables. 

Wired speakers are another common choice. Most wired speakers will have a 3.5 mm jack at one end and a standard RCA connector at the other.

The advantage of this style of speaker is that you can choose exactly how far apart you want your speakers to sit from each other.

Powered speakers are another option that can be used with a soundbar. These speakers use batteries to provide power to the unit.

Making them perfect for places where electricity isn’t always readily available. USB speakers are a relatively new addition to the market. 

These speakers work just like regular speakers, except that they’re connected to a computer or smartphone using a USB port.

Depending on what type of soundbar you have, you might find that you are able to connect your USB speakers to it, as there are some models on the market that come with a built-in USB port.

However, it is best to check that your soundbar includes this USB port before you decide on this style of speaker.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you’re planning to invest in our very first soundbar or you simply want to elevate the one that you currently have with some additional speakers.

It’s important to make sure that you know what type of speakers you are going to be using first. 

Just like we’ve already talked you through above, the majority of speakers are made to be compatible with soundbars, but it’s still important that you check to make sure that the two are going to be compatible.

So, as soon as you have decided what type of speakers you would like to connect to your soundbar to help elevate the sound.

You should be sure to refer to your owner’s manual (it would have come in the box upon purchase) as this will contain a list of the various connectivity ports that your soundbar is compatible with. 

Once you are sure that the speakers you have can be used with your soundbar, all you will need to do is simply connect the two together in order to amplify your TV listening experience. Thanks for reading!

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