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Alternatives Now That Needle Doctor Is Out Of Business

After a lengthy 40 year career, Needle Doctor has decided to close its doors and no longer offer services to the public.

The Needle Doctor was established in 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Jerry Raskin, a needle specialist with over 30 years of experience. In 2010, he transferred the company to Minnesota, where it is now based.

Alternatives Now That Needle Doctor Is Out Of Business

He lived on turntables and was well-known across the globe for supplying clients with a wide selection of parts, such as record player needles, for their turntables. Raskin said in 2019 that he would no longer handle online transactions and would no longer operate a physical firm.

The Needle Doctor decided that it was time to dedicate his time and energy to the production of art when he reached the age of 62. So what can you do now the Needle Doctor is gone?

Well, stick with us, we will offer you plenty of alternatives! 

Who Is The Needle Doctor?

Jerry Raskin is a household name in every place where he has traveled. If you like listening to vinyl on a turntable, a stylus from the Needle Doctor is a must-have accessory.

His company had become so successful that internet sales accounted for almost 90 percent of his total income. Raskin’s name in the stylus business was so good that he didn’t have to worry about optimizing his website for search engines like Google and Yahoo (SEO).

For example, you may do a Google search for the needle you need, sort the results and very immediately find the Needle Doctor. The ability to garner that sort of internet reputation is very tough to accomplish.

While Raskin has been contacted by several companies interested in purchasing the firm or adopting the name, he has not yet decided whether to sell.

Raskin began selling audio equipment when he was just 21 years old. The work was intended to serve as a stopgap until he could get the right sounds at his residence.

Indeed, he was very skilled in his industry, and the world has since lost the qualities he taught to audiophiles of all stripes that he had bestowed upon them.

Raskin believes the years leading up to Greatest Buy to be the pinnacle of his professional life. In his first Dinkytown store, he stood behind a counter and convinced customers that their styluses would completely transform their listening experiences to music.

Upon their arrival, the mass-market merchants came perilously close to putting Raskin’s company out of business entirely. He said that he was offering the same parts at the same price as other well-known retailers in the area.

Raskin was forced to specialize to sustain a full-service audio company, and he did it successfully. He downsized his company to the point that he was able to work from behind a lone counter in a store.

Those were the days when parking was almost non-existent. Raskin remembers begging someone who was feeling terrible about not being a customer to park at a local Burger King to purchase a shake and fries.

As he moved through the modification process, Raskin became more aware that Best Buy was not concentrating on high-quality products.

When the Needle Doctor saw the initial financial possibility, the organization shifted its attention away from college students and toward audiophile publications, ultimately evolving into a mail-order organization with a toll-free number.

This calculated risk had a fair possibility of paying off in the long run. Raskin earned a million dollars in 1996. He made the move from employing people to handling all of his marketing on his own.

He even started creating advertisements for his companies, asking that each display advertisement include his emblem and telephone number on the advertisement.

A person may achieve great things when they maximize the value of their knowledge to the industry, as shown by The Needle Doctor. Finding someone suitable to replace Jerry Raskin may seem to be a challenging task.

Where Should You Get Audio Equipment Without The Needle Doctor?

Where Should You Get Audio Equipment Without The Needle Doctor?

Turntable equipment is available for purchase from a variety of sources. There are a plethora of companies that provide stereo parts that are suitable for everyone from novices to audiophiles.

The reality of the matter is there’s presently no other Needle Doctor-like company that can be found on the internet.

With Raskin, listeners would be able to purchase and install shells and cartridges, resulting in a simple plug-and-play solution for turntables. When it comes to record player supplies, the following enterprises are currently located in the vicinity of the Needle Doctor.

Audio Advisor

To provide the world’s top high-quality audio brands, this firm was established in 1981. Included in the company’s inventory are integrated amplifiers and stereo amplifiers, as well as turntables and other replacement components and equipment.

Similar to the old Needle Doctor website, the online shopping experience for Audio Advisor looks identical to that of that website. Everything from new styli to audio racks may be found here, including a new stylus.

Even though the list of companies is too long to cover them separately, you’ll find everything from AC Infinity to Woo Audio on it. Also noteworthy is the fact that it is amongst the most extensive online sites for modern turntables.


Doing an Amazon search for a turntable stylus will provide a myriad of results from a variety of different manufacturers and retailers.

While there is a strong focus on Audio-Technica products, there are various reasonably priced generic brands, DJ cartridges, and direct replacements available as alternatives.

The Audio-Technica dual moving magnet turntable cartridge is a fantastic example of what is presently available on Amazon in terms of quality and price. If you want to buy it with or without a cartridge, an elliptical replacement, or a headshell, you may do so here.

This amplifier makes use of carefully wound coils to enhance the output voltage and give the clearest sound possible.

It isn’t even required to utilize nuts to secure the headshell to the cartridge in this configuration. There are no more than two screws required to produce favorable outcomes.

If you know exactly what brand and kind of equipment you want for your turntable or audio system, you stand a good possibility of finding it at this Needle Doctor replacement.

Music Direct

When purchasing from this Needle Doctor replacement, you are doing business with one of the world’s largest online sellers of music equipment.

However, even though the company is known for turntables and vinyl records, you may browse through a variety of different categories to extend your interests.

Integrated amplifiers and high-quality speakers are among the products available on their website, all of which are offered at cheap costs.

There is a large selection of cartridges available on the site, with set up kits and installation packages included as standard with the bulk of the items.

The Ortofon brand accounts for the majority of products available at Music Direct, while you may also get cartridges from the Dynavector, Lyra, and Sumiko brands if you want high output.

Although the rates are somewhat more than those paid by Needle Doctor, you will have access to the high-end equipment that you need.

LP Tunes

This internet retailer is an authorized distributor of needles, styluses, and other equipment. Additionally, you’ll find a broad collection of hi-fi cartridges that may be used to improve your listening experience or to restore your current setup.

Although the business does not carry a wide assortment of needles and styli, diamond replacements for Shure and National turntables are readily available.

LP Tunes is a relative newcomer to the audiophile scene, having established in 2000 to provide access to, among other things, speakers, headphones, and turntables.

It’s one of the few businesses that explicitly states that they sell belts for a range of models. You’ll also find all of your maintenance needs here, from record cleaners to strobe discs.

Additionally, you may search for their products through their Amazon presence. That may be your best option if you’ve previously utilized this store’s services and had a less-than-satisfactory encounter.

As they expanded their inventory, the quality of their customer service improved in lockstep.

Elusive Disc

Here’s where you should go if you’re seeking hard-to-find audiophile accessories, which are hard to come by. Among the thousands of albums, you’ll discover SACDs, vinyl records, and tens of thousands of albums by some of your all-time favorite artists.

Because the major focus will be on the music, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the necessary audio equipment and components.

There is a complete category of turntable cartridges available for viewing, albeit you must carefully read the item description to ensure that you are not only ordering a stylus guard and no other accessories.

Founded in 1989 in Anderson, Indiana, this firm started doing business with members of the audiophile community in 1989 from their shop.

First and foremost, they focused on rare recordings, discontinued items, and unusual collectibles that were difficult to come by. The company realized that expanding its product offerings into more product categories made sense when it first went live on the internet.

Shopping for your audio requirements at this institution will provide you with a comfortable, family-like environment. The music started before the needles, in contrast to Needle Doctor.

In this case, it displays that they are aware of the steps necessary to get the desired outcomes in your home setting.


You’ll notice that there’s a greater emphasis on automobile stereos than there is on home turntables at this audio store, which is very sensible. If you use the site’s search box to hunt for a certain item, you’ll be supplied with a list of all of the products that match your search criteria.

This makes it quite straightforward to identify particular objects after a search and the use of their filtering approach, as a result of which.

On the left-hand side of the website, it provides a system similar to Amazon for categorizing things by category, brand, and price, as well as a search bar.

You may find that the items you’re seeking are temporarily unavailable for purchase when you buy at our Needle Doctor alternative. If this is the case, please contact us immediately.

It is conceivable that the items are out of stock, but this may not be immediately apparent since they may still be added to your cart for backorder at this point.

Technical support from Crutchfield, on the other hand, is unrivaled in the business.

What Is An Audiophile?

As opposed to being employed as an aristocratic adjectival phrase, the term “audiophile” is defined as “a lover of high-fidelity music” according to the Oxford Dictionary.

If you spend all of your time listening to music, you may be considered an audiophile. The fact that you are closing your eyes and listening to your favorite vinyl music while resting almost guarantees that you will be labeled with this phrase.

While some people despise the term “audiophile,” there is nothing wrong with having a deep love for music. Why would you settle for anything other than the best equipment for your home listening requirements when you would want nothing less for any other activity?

If you have any worries about your audiophile status, the scenarios listed below may indicate that you are concealing one or more symptoms of your position:

If you spend more money on your car’s sound system than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, you may be labeled an audiophile.

A possible indicator that you are an audiophile is if the diameter of your garden hose is less than the diameter of the wires emerging from your turntable.

If you learned to solder before you learned to ride a bicycle or play soccer, you may be considered an audiophile. An audiophile is someone who is bothered by the clicking and popping noises produced by their turntable.

None of those alternatives is the best choice. You have earned the right to unwind and enjoy yourself in whichever manner suits your preferences.

It is quite OK to spend hundreds of dollars on a cartridge to do this. A small number of people spend that much money on gaming computers, PlayStation 5 systems, and musical instruments, among other things.

The only reason you may get unfavorable feedback from time to time is that some people do not understand why high-fidelity is such an important component of everyday living.

Final Thoughts

The difficulty of digital files to reproduce the historical delicacy of a turntable has resulted in a resurgence of vinyl records this year.

While you will lose out on the wider frequency range given by an HD recording, there are times when all you need is a stylus and your favorite LP to get you through the day.

If you have a broken turntable, the goods offered by these companies may be able to assist you in getting it back into working condition.

To get the most performance out of your cartridge and stylus while listening to vinyl records on a turntable, you’ll want to use the highest-quality audiophile headphones that are currently available on the market.

The Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 660S headphones come highly recommended by our team. They include a 3.5mm wiring pattern for easy integration into practically any system, a reference-class open back, and improved transducers for the lowest frequencies that are accessible.

Because Sennheiser employs hand-selected transducers, it can remove decibel disparities, resulting in one of the most accurate accuracy ratings available on the market.

In addition, the Sennheiser HD 660S headphones have a 6.35mm stereo connection as well as the new Pentaconn 4.4mm connection standard.

When this company experienced a large loss in the past, it took more than two decades to shut the doors. Given that Raskin will retain his title of Needle Doctor, who will be the next audiophile to get a Ph.D. in audiophilia?

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