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11 Great Ways To Display Your Vinyl Record Collection

Vinyl records were thought to be a thing of the past, but they still have their fans. If you love listening to music from the old days, then you should definitely consider displaying your collection. There are plenty of options out there, but some are better than others.

Displaying your vinyl records should be a thing full of pride, your collection is unique to you and you only, so why not show the world around you how good your collection is and how cultured your music taste is.

If you’ve been looking for some top-quality inspiration for how to display those wondrous vinyl records, we’ve got every option available to you that not only shows them off for all their glory but protects them and maintains their quality and nature.

The perfect combination is function and style, so let’s get into 11 great ways to display your vinyl record collection!

Record Ledges

KAIU Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount | Easy Installation | Beautiful and Premium Material Made from Solid Oak | Slim and Elegant Design for Your Home | Easily Swap Out Records | Black

Record ledges and shelves are a great way for people to display pictures and other things without having to hang them up. They also save space because you can store many items on them. You can use them as decorating accessories around the house.

Picture shelves aren’t only for photos! You can also use them as decorations or displays. They’re easy to make and easy to move. They’re great for memorabilia, but you can swap things out easily!

Record ledges are available in three different colors and designs. They are made out of durable materials that make them easy to clean. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A clear glass shelf is an excellent choice for a bathroom.

You can put many things on it. It doesn’t take up much space. It also provides you with a clean look. A farmhouse-style pine wall organizer is perfect for holding records and magazines. There are hooks for hanging keys, and it also has a row of hooks below. This looks great in any house!

Some of our favorite record ledge brands include:

This type of ledge is made from solid oak materials and is so easy to install at a great price! The vinyl record floating shelf by Kaiu has 2 overall furnishes.

Floating Display Shelves

Hudson Hi-Fi Wall Mount Vinyl Record Storage 25-Album Display Holder - Black Satin - One Pack

Wall shelving systems are great for displaying items such as pictures, knickknacks, and other decorative objects. They’re sturdy and easy to install. You can buy them in different styles and colors. They’re easy to make and easy to move.

They’re great for memorabilia, but you can swap things out easily! You can easily change the look of your walls by swapping out featured items. You can also use them to display various items such as knickknacks, collectibles, and even books. This makes them fantastic for your precious vinyl records!

The way these shelves are displayed really helps to make your vinyl records stand out to the best of their ability. You’re able to display a small section of your records with these shelves, so it’s worth displaying your best-looking ones or your favorites in this instance.

With a floating case you can display up to 25 records, and you can regularly change them and alter them according to your preferences of the week!

Our favorite floating display brands are:

Both of these companies enable you to display up to 25 records at a time with their shelving pieces, and they both have two overall furnishes.

Invisible Mounts

Twelve Inch Original 4ECO - 4 Invisible Vinyl On Your Wall Display in Bamboo - Show Your Vinyl Record As Artwork - no Frames or Visible Support. Color Natural

Floating shelves are great for displaying records. They’re easy to move around if you want to change the layout of your room. They also make an excellent display piece when you’re looking for something specific. Furthermore, they’re easy to set up and take down.

The invisible option for mounting your records is a fantastic way to enjoy the records as they are without causing any damage to the outside exterior of their sleeves.

Whether you want to display a single record, or multiple at once, you can display them in any pattern that you want! This method is often used by artists to display their artworks, so you know it’s going to be a great option for your precious vinyl records.

The 12-inch magnetic backs are stylish and affordable, as well as making your records appear like they are floating!

One of our favorite brands of invisible mounts are:

Record Walls

Record Walls

Records are very important because they tell stories about our lives. A record wall shows us what kind of music our children listen to. You bought 16 records for 50 cents each, and you carefully cleaned them off before placing them on a table.

This shows how much records mean to people and how much we value them in our own lives and our future children’s lives. That’s what music does to us. So, you’ll want to arrange them into a square with 4 rows of 4 records, and you’ll want to choose to place them in a square because it gives a nice visual impact.

Displaying your vinyl records on walls is probably the most authentic way to show off their value, many don’t like this option because the records can be easily damaged this way, however, if taken care of correctly and displayed carefully, it’s a fantastic method to enjoy your vinyl record collection.

Fabric materials give you great adaptability to display more records over time as it’s expandable!

Our favorite wall record brand is:

This brand lets you display records per frame and uses one overall finish.

This wood display option enables you to display 4-6 records at a time depending on the width and has 1 finish overall.

Single Record Stands

KAIU Premium Vinyl Record Stand - Showcase Your Now Playing Album Cover - Minimalistic & Elegant Holder Design- Compatible with All CDs & LPs - Natural

This kind of display method really lets you enjoy the entirety of the record’s experience while playing one single record, you can enjoy the visual sleeve of the record while listening to it.

Single record stands should be stored vertically, and should never be placed on top of other objects. Vinyl records shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight and should be protected from dust.

Many record stands are made with durable bamboo material and the premium quality should last a lifetime. It’s easy to place an album on the turntable.

Single record stands are also designed for wall mounting. They typically come in three different sizes.

Our favorite single record stand brands are:

It is an affordable product with three overall finishes.

Record Holders

KAIU Vinyl Record Storage Holder - Stacks up to 50 Albums, 7 or 12 inch LPs - Solid Wood Organizer with Clear Acrylic Ends - Modern Portable Record Stand for Record Lovers - Walnut

Record holders display your collection of vinyl records neatly. You can store them anywhere you want. Typically, they’re made out of wood and acrylic and can hold up to 12″ records.

These types of record display holders create the impression that your records are freestanding. Perhaps one of the more old school, straightforward display methods out there, but one which never fails to make a record stand out is a trustworthy holder.

They can come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your preferences overall, so take your time when deciding on the best record holder for your vinyl record collection. Kaiu’s brand is great for providing cool and trendy-looking holders at reasonable prices to suit your needs.


Americanflat 12.5x12.5 Album Frame in Black Aluminum with Polished Plexiglass and Sleek Minimalist Design - Wall Mounted - Hanging Hardware Included

Collectors need to be careful about how they store their records. These cool frames and shelves are made by a family-owned company. They use plastic, cardboard, and metal.

All of them come with screws and magnets. They are great for displaying your records. You can easily change out the discs. You can also display your albums with the record itself.

Displaying your vinyl records using frames is probably the most old-school way to do so! But it never fails, making it a trustworthy way to visually enjoy your records.

Some of our favorite companies to buy record frames from are:

Bins And Crates

X-cosrack Brown Wood Storage Crates, Industrial Wooden Crate Storage Box Rustic Wood Crate Vintage Farm Shop Style Wooden Slatted Crate Display

A wood crate is used for storing such items as records, the contemporary style to many modern crates has raw finishes to give them versatile looks that blend in with many aesthetics. Many elegant wooden record cases are made by Gracie Oaks. They have solid pine and stained dark brown wood.

The top of the crates has a slope to hold LPs upright while browsing for the right one. There is also a hole cut out in the center of the crate to allow airflow. The overall dimensions of many record wooden crates and bins are 9.5″ high x 14.5″ wide x 9.5″ deep. The weight enables you to hold a plethora of records.

This is probably the most shabby chic-looking vinyl record display method because all of your records can be kept in one place and the bin or crate can be decorated to suit your aesthetic easily enough.

Some of our favorite vinyl record crates include:

The Amazon-bought crate can hold up to a maximum of 90 records, the Flipbin model holds roughly 33, and dovetail holds up to 100 records, so it;’s all about how many you need to display!

Open Shelving Unit

IKEA KALLAX - Shelving unit - White by Ikea

Bookshelves are great for displaying collections of books or other memorabilia, such as vinyl records. A bookshelf can be placed next to the sofa for easy access to your collection. You could place a bookshelf near the TV or computer for easy viewing. You could even add a bookshelf to your study to display your wonderful vinyl records.

Storage and shelving have the versatility of just getting things out of the way or putting them up on display and within easy grasp. Whatever the need in every room, you’ll be increasing lots of style to your shelving organization.

Records look great when displayed in bookshelves the same way that books do, it’s just an aesthetic like no other, and it’s the best way to enjoy your collection. This method helps to display them in an organized manner, and is great for flexibility at a low cost!

Our most favored open shelving units are:

Both these companies enable you to display between 600 and 800 records in your home all in one place! They’re also extremely cost-effective and come with a lifetime guarantee included within the packages.

Cabinets And Media Consoles

Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand, Single, Walnut

This is probably the most classic way to store your records if you’re not only a vinyl record collector but also have the aesthetics in mind for old-school 70s storage.

Many homes in the 70s stored their vinyl records using this method because of how protected they could be, and also because having a piece of furniture for the sole purpose of storing records was popular at the time. This enables you to integrate your record storage into the design of your home.

The best cabinet and media console companies out there are:

All of these cabinets can store over 100 vinyl records in them!

Flight Cases

Odyssey KLP2-Black 70 12' Lp Vinyl Records Stacking Utility Krom Transport Case

This method is probably the most authentic method for musicians to store their own vinyl records, especially when on the road! There’s nothing that screams rock stars other than a musician that stores their instruments and records with them on the road!

These are the more industrial route to go for, but they’re fantastic at displaying your records while protecting them on the move.

One of our favorite flight cases is through:

This case is foam-lined with a detachable lid for your own convenience. It can store 70 records on average!

Buyers Guide


You shouldn’t place your vinyl records in direct sunlight when finding a storage place for them, they may be in their allocated sleeves for protection, but the sun is a problem that cannot be stopped when it comes to vinyl records if you do not display them appropriately.

The sun can easily warp your vinyl records because of the heat exposure to the material itself.

This will bring your vinyls to a sad demise very quickly if you leave them in the sun.


Typically, you need to display your records in a place where they will not be exposed to humid temperatures. A well-aired location is vital to keep your vinyl records under the same condition they were when you bought them or obtained them.

Humidity can warp your records just as much as the sun can, so be aware and make sure they are ventilated, especially during the hot summer months when the humidity is as bad as how Monica portrayed it on Friends.


The coolest temperatures help to maintain the condition of your records. The heat is what warps them and sends them off to an early grave!

Keeping them in a room where they won’t inquire too much heat just helps to prolong their lifetime. Records are old as it is, and keeping them in good condition is a struggle nowadays, so don’t let the temperature of your room destroy all the work you’ve put into protecting them.

Weight And Pressure

You should never stack records on top of one another when displaying them. They should always be stacked upright without anything leaning against them, because any pressure or weight can warp the sound of your vinyl records very easily. Pressure destroys those grooves that create the wonderful sounds of a record.

Many collectors know that this is a rule to go by, however, some do not, so let all your vinyl record collector friends know, so you can save the lives of precious records across the world!


We all know that keeping records clean is kind of a vital process to go through, they must be stored inside their protective sleeves and covers when not in use for obvious reasons. Dust!

Dust can collect very easily when objects are not in motion. The dust can damage records if it piles on your records for too long, so when you go to play them, you may find some small damages which could have been avoided, had you kept them out of the way of dust.

Final Thoughts

So, we hope that you’ve had a delightful experience reading about the 11 great ways to display your vinyl record collections. There are infinite ways if you’ve got the creative mind to figure them out!

Our favorite methods were the crate/bins, and the furniture storage method because of how authentic these methods are to the origins of vinyl records, and their musicians.

There’s no right or wrong way to truly display your vinyl records, so get creative and enjoy the aesthetics you can work with when finding the right display option for you and your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Display Vinyl Records

Frames are very popular these days. You can choose different colors and styles. You can also use them as decoration for your walls. If you want to make your room more stylish, you can try using some cool frames with vinyl.

Why Do People Like The Sound Of Vinyl So Much?

Vinyl records and analog recordings are both great ways to listen to music. Both allow us to hear the music better because we can hear the details of the instruments better.

However, an analog recording doesn’t give off warmth or humanity. It is more precise than other forms of recording.
Do Analog And Vinyl Really Sound Better Than Digital Media?

Vinyl records sound better than CDs because the grooves on the surface of the vinyl record contain more information about the music than the disc used for the CD. Dust and scratches aren’t as noticeable on vinyl records because the grooves are deeper.

Vinyl also sounds better than CDs because the recording process is different. And finally, if you listen to high-quality audio files on a good stereo system, then you might hear a difference.

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